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Overview of our services


The outcome of FLASHFOCUS analyses comes in two basic forms, generally presented together:

- Charts/spreadsheets with values, proportions and ranges

- Maps for visualization of these values

For more information, look below for the services breakdown and the typical datasources used in the analysis/visualiation.

Services Breakdown

Below is a sample of the types of services we provide:

  • Zip Code conversion to DMA/MSA
  • Targeted Regional Analysis
  • FLASHFOCUS Rapid Online Surveys
  • FLASHFOCUS Executive Reports
  • FLASHFOCUS Focus Groups
  • FLASHFOCUS GAMMA Geographical Analysis & Mapping for Marketing Applications

Data Sources


Our data analysis and visualizations are based on an enormous source of data, separated into two categories:

Public Domain

The huge data bases of: US Census, Centers For Disease Control, State health departments etc.

Proprietary and Syndicated

As provided by agency partners and clients, sales, subsets of various demographics as provided by syndicated sources like MRI, AC Nielsen, IMS or client’s own databases.